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Local Shopping from your Armchair

The Virtual Shopping Centre for Ardee Business

During these tough times of lockdown you can do your bit to help local businesses to help you. Shop Ardee is an online shopping centre for you to visit your local shops from the comfort and safety of your own armchair. Our shopping centre is only new, so keep visiting to see if your favourite shops have joined up. Better yet, ask them why they haven't gotten on board!

Ardee Businesses - Join the Online Shopping Centre for free!

If you’ve a business in Ardee and can get your goods or services delivered locally then Contact Us. We’re offering a limited free leg-up to local traders to help them get started with their online store. No tricks, gimmicks of catches. Just an opportunity to put your shop online for free! Some limitations and terms & conditions apply, but nothing that will alarm or bankrupt you! If you want to offer a fully-fledged online experience to your customer and are happy to pay for the service then we can also oblige. Please visit our Online Opportunities page for more details.

If we’re too late and you already have an online store then we applaud you! We would be delighted if you would let us list your store here, where people can hopefully find all the things they need in Ardee in one place.

The Shopping Centre

Browse Ardee online, you can order online from each of the sites below – or you will be able to very shortly.  

Ardee Businesses Without Online Shops

Not every business has (or needs) an online store. These businesses are still local Ardee traders, supporting the Ardee community. Please visit and support these companies if you can.